API Integration is a connection between application using their Application Programming Interfaces (API). That allows those applications to exchange data sources. That integration makes data sync throughout the organization and enhance productivity.

APIs are part of almost every digital application, because the performance is better without human interaction. Basically, API Integration automate workflows and reduce manual input.

Let’s see how API Integration can help your business be more productive and profitable!

Why use API Integration?

As established, connecting trough APIs allows applications to share data and work together without human input. That makes processes automated and enhance the data flow.

That is even more important in a context where apps and products use a lot of cloud-based systems because data is relayed between them in a faster and more efficient way.

So, the greatest advantage of API Integration is the flexibility of information and connection between applications, as it works as an interface between two or more software’s.

In technical terms, APIs are a set of subroutines definitions, protocols and tools that sets methods of communication between software components.

Planning the Integration

As every aspect of a business enterprise, you need to plan how to develop an API integration and what it will resolve for your process. So, there is a few points that can help you clarify that:

  • Define the connections and the flow of data: What will the integration solve? What kind of data it needs to manage? How can the user interact with the API?
  • Specify resources and personnel: What will be used on the integration? Which tools and resources you should get? Who will manage the system?
  • Make a data schema for the system: How can you relate the data flow? What will pass through the integration?
  • Select the specifics for development: Who can create the integration? How will the API work?
  • Monitor the procedure: Finally, establish performance indicators and see how the integration is helping you.

Benefits of API Integration

The use of APIs has a lot of benefits, the most significant one is the automation of the process. Because of that the human component is eliminated reducing errors and improving the timing of the operation.

So, the automation of dataflow dramatically increases efficiency of a system, but that is not the only benefit of a API integration. For instance, it increases the scalability as it allows business to grow faster when creating or connecting other systems and apps.

Another good aspect of the integration is the visibility of the system. It improves to an end-to-end possibility, making it easier to monitor data and report. As the whole system communicates, it also results in more specific information.

And finally, it dramatically reduces errors trough the system. As it facilitates the transfer of huge amounts of data in predetermined ways without manual labor.

In sum

API integration can hold together systems and facilitate access of datasets and information. It also automates operations and reduce errors that manual inputs can produce.

    Carol Gameleira

    Carol Gameleira

    Graduated in Public Relations and post graduated in Marketing by ESPM, Carol possess 7 years of experience in the area of Comunications and Digital Marketing, acting in the Artificial Inteligence and Supply Chain realm since 2020.