Automate procurement processes with Supply Brain Procurement

Leave the procurement simplified to us and focus on what really matters. Have a simple, automated and intelligent purchasing process, and reduce the error rate and the efforts of the supply team.
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AI and procurement

More productivity

Automate the procurement process with artificial intelligence and reduce manual and repetitive tasks.
We use recommendation algorithms to understand which suppliers can meet a given demand,in order to generate a vendor list. We automatically contact these suppliers who respond with their offers that are analyzed considering price, lead time, supplier reliability and other customizable and intelligent rules. All offers are weighted and the best one is automatically selected.

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AI and procurement

Have more savings

We automate the procurement process, automatically identifying the best suppliers and using smart strategies to get the best price in negotiations.

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AI in Procurement

Get more quality in processes and compliance

Have more organized, standardized and centralized processes in one place. Supply Brain Procurement improves impersonality and compliance by following the exact process that meets your standards. With traceable actions, reduce the error rate and increase the quality of processes and compliance.

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