Supply Chain Forecasting and Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

We help people create high-performing supply chains

Supply Chain optimization, forecasting, pricing, and procurement through Artificial Intelligence. Buy, move, make, and sell better using automation to unlock your company’s real potential. Unravel the mysteries of your supply chain with a new data-driven approach.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your inventory, reducing your cost without losing sales.


Discover product by product which is the most profitable price.


Buy faster, buy better by making your team more productive.


Discover new opportunities through your data.


Human + AI + Better Process

We apply artificial intelligence, data science, mathematics and statistics for supply chain optimization.
Our solutions are highly accurate in their predictions, combined with an automated methodology of analysis, simulation and diagnosis of the supply chain, helping to face its complexity.

Demand Planning

What if you could predict the future?

We can help you to predict your demand, simulate scenarios, and plan for the future like never before. This is the way for a better inventory, gain a competitive advantage by understanding the market through data and trends.

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Procurement Automatization

What If you could buy faster and better?

We make buyers more productive and strategic, simplifying, and automating the procurement operation. You can expect an increase in quality and competition, a reduction in total delivery lead time, and acquisition costs. And then, an improvement in the perception of the requesters.

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Pricing Optimization

How to sell faster and have more margin?

Choosing the best price is not an art, it is a science. Understanding the effect of your price on demand is the crucial factor in leveraging your profit, and your data already tells you the perfect price for your product.

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Data Insights

What if you could see everything?

Your years of history will reveal the secrets of your market and customers. Transform the complexity of mathematics and statistics into a clear and visual message through a data-driven approach.

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There is a better way to do what you have always done

Create a high-performance supply chain also means transforming how your organization is designed and teams are aligned. Our AI solutions make your teams able to make better decisions and are capable of prescribing purchase and inventory movement recommendations, in addition to assisting in product pricing.

Supply Chain Planning

Leverage your profit by having the right amount of products in the right place at the right time.

Pricing Optimization

Create strategies that increase your profit by optimizing prices and promotions.

Procurement Solutions

Automate the creation of the vendor list, collection of quotes, follow-up, monitoring of suppliers and order generation.

Watch The Magic Happen

See, through a clear and visual language, data related to your supply chain network. Get insights about your business through a data-driven approach.

Thais PerrellaHead of Ocean Freight Product, Allink

With this team, the journey, beyond solving our pain, is mainly promoting a transformation in the mentality of everyone involved in the project, which is essential for our digital transformation!

Breno MontandonMRO Supply Coordinator at Suzano

The procurement software by Supply Brain supported us in purchases indirect materials, increasing our productivity, compliance, standardization of purchases and competitiveness. Allowed the team to focus on activities that generate greater value.

Bernardo DóriaCorp. New Business Manager, Hermes Pardini

The experience of working with this team has been great. It’s hard to find suppliers with the sensitivity to understand our business so profoundly to help develop the solution we seek.

Rafael AquinoCEO at In3 Inteligência

This team have a great capacity to develop and implement data architectures and analytical models that are scalable.

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